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02:20 PM | 01-02-2022

10:27 AM | 26-02-2021

Hello, I am suffering from ulcerative colitis and IBS from 2012. I'm on medication from 9 years but still I'm not perfectly fine. I don't have bleeding now but still sometimes my stool frequency changes when I eat some different foods. Pls guide me.

10:53 AM | 09-02-2021

My name is Venkat. I am suffering from gastritis, IBS, gut issues and obesity problem. Please suggest me diet. I am 37 years old, my weight is 82 kg and height is 5. 5.

01:56 PM | 30-10-2020

I have IBS diarrhea. Tried every medicine from ayurvedic , homeopathic and allopethic. But no relief. My all test are normal. Need help.

10:04 AM | 27-07-2020

How to fight IBS?

12:22 PM | 26-06-2020

Hi, I have query regarding my health issues. I have stone in my gall bladder 18 mm but I don’t have any problem due to stone like pain, nausea etc. I had PCOS now it’s cured and don’t have any problem in periods. Now my concern is mostly in evening I feel empty under my sternum in between the ribs and feel heavy( no pain and other symptoms) if I have antacid or sugar it stops hurting me. Please suggest me what can I do?

09:26 PM | 11-06-2020

I am suffering from IBS & fatty liver. What should I do?

12:20 PM | 01-06-2020

I'm 38 yrs old male a chain smoker and heavy alcoholic my cholesterol, ggt triglyceride r very high with hypertension with ibs problem. I consume daily 15 to 20 no cigarettes and 250 to 300 ml alcohol in binge drinking. 2 yrs back dr suggest me to leave alchohol otherwise cirosis is welcoming me. But I didn't. I'm loosing wait and much afraid. What to do plz suggest.

09:48 AM | 25-05-2020

I have been suffering from fibromyalgia since 2015 which puts me in chronic fatigue and pain 24*7 with IBS and low energy. In 2018, I got to know that I am HLA b27 postive and I was diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis. Immunity is going very low day by day. Also suffering with straightening of cervical lordosis and maxillary sinusitis. Partail bifid spine at L5 and osteophytes are seen in D12 and L1 vertebra. Please suggest me what to do as I have taken so many treatments but nothing worked.

10:06 AM | 26-02-2020

How to cure anxiety associated IBS?

09:57 AM | 24-02-2020

I am suffering from ibs. Can you help pls?

09:58 AM | 12-02-2020

I was diagnosed with Gastritis and ibs 2 years ago. From then I went to various doctors but none helped. Now recently from 2 months I started developing lumps on back of throat and pharynx,doctors said its pharyngitis granulation and I have cough as well from 2 months, No tablets are working. Some doctor said your entire esophagus might got ulcers due to reflux and that's the reason behind your cough and pharyngitis. I am really so depressed with my life. Can you pls help?

11:12 AM | 29-12-2019

I have been suffering from panic attacks and ibs. Why I am getting anxiety.. I am very scared about my life.. Please help me..

01:18 PM | 24-12-2019

When I was 16, I felt very tired and had a panic attack, frequent urination with burning problem too. I was unable to concentrate as my heart was racing, palpitations. After that I started to have breathing problems. Slowly my digestion got disturbed, I was unable to sleep. Now I'm 20 doing my M B B S in Bangalore and have developed IBS like symptoms. I checked my vitamin levels. My vitamin D is 7ng/do and Vitamin B12. Can you help me?

09:56 AM | 23-12-2019

Hi, I am suffering from IBS, frequently bowel movement and also have piles fissure and epilepsy. What should I do? R

03:15 PM | 10-12-2019

How to treat IBS and tongue burning sensation?

07:32 PM | 17-11-2019

I have a long case history of GI disorder. Presently I am having problem in stool evacuation properly. Doctors diagnosed it as IBS. Subsequently resulting to gas, acidity and headache due to improper evacuation. I don't drink and smoke. Have normal low non vegetarian diet almost. Doctors say this is a kind of psychosomatic disorder. Can you please help?

10:09 AM | 14-10-2019

I am having a pain in my ribs near my chest in the bones since 3 months now its too much pain i cant even sneeze it hurts so bad i cant rotate at night to change my position. What to do?

07:55 PM | 06-10-2019

Mujhe kai dino se ibs ki problem ho rahi hI,thoda kam hua hai par puri tarah se thik nahi hua hai,kya karu?

09:52 AM | 03-10-2019

What are natural way to get rid of IBS like digestive issues, piles problem and stress issues..?

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