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06:37 PM | 28-08-2018

Hello! Anyone here who can tell how to deal with IBS naturally?

06:45 PM | 04-08-2019

I am having Stomach problem, IBS and sinus issues. Please suggest what can i do?

04:53 PM | 11-09-2019

Which treatment is best for ibs?

02:13 PM | 06-06-2019

What is the natural remedy for IBS

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09:47 AM | 27-08-2019

09:49 AM | 15-08-2019

Hii... Rajesh here.. I have a IBS problem... What is the treatment for this plz help me??

09:47 AM | 15-08-2019

IBS ki problem h mujhe. Please advise

05:38 PM | 02-08-2019

I have been suffering from ibs.. Went to AISG Hyderabad bt of no use.. Bloating is continuing and making life painful

06:07 PM | 27-07-2019

I am suffering from ibs (irregular bowel syndrome) since 2009 & has consulted to many doctors but unfortunately,of no use. Can u suggest me smthng on how to get back my normal health again? Plz answer

09:16 AM | 26-07-2019

Is there any natural treatment for IBS. I am suffering last 1 year. I make 2-3 visits to wash room with stomach pain in lower part of stomach. Other symptoms include Gas, frequent urination in the morning

10:58 AM | 25-07-2019

Anything for ibs and fatigue

10:39 AM | 08-06-2020

I am suffering from ibd (crohn's) from last four years. Now I am suffering from indigestion & loose stool. How could I improve my digestion?

09:32 AM | 21-04-2020

I'm 19 yrs old and I'm suffering from gut health issues, gastric issues from last 1 year. In a day I have to visit toilet 2 to 3 times for complete bowel movements. My bowel movements do not complete once in a day. And my food does not get digested properly. That's why I'm scared to leave my house and I'm stressed.

10:30 AM | 13-01-2020

09:59 AM | 24-02-2020

Mouth ulcers constantly occurring. Can you pls advise me?

02:09 PM | 29-01-2020

From last few days I'm having this illusion of sitting in a train. I have digestion issues from last one and half year. Is this is happening cause of that? I am fed up of taking medicine for digestion and gas issues. Can you please suggest me a natural way to come out of it?

12:14 PM | 27-01-2020

How to clear bowel movement and constipation?

09:58 AM | 20-01-2020

I have external piles from 19 years. I have taken many medicines but no result. Can you pls advise something natural?

09:45 AM | 22-01-2020

I have digestive issues due to gastric problem. Even small pieces also not digesting. How to improve this naturally?

07:44 AM | 19-01-2020

My wife is 65 yrs old and has gas problem from last 10 yrs. Whole body is full of gas. If she touches any part she starts belching. Panting is very common. Any suggestions?

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