Free Masterclass! Cure Obesity & Lifestyle Diseases Naturally | 18 JAN 2023 | 6:00 PM


Natural Healing Advisor

12:48 PM | 09-01-2023

Dr. Madhab Integrates Medical Science With Evidence-Based Holistic Healing Methods To Reverse Diseases 

“1 in every fourth person in India has a weight problem” ~ National Family Health Survey 5


Take a step now to control obesity and lifestyle diseases associated with it.


1. All about Obesity & its cause

2. Obesity-associated health problems and diseases

3. Which factors contribute to obesity?

4. Treatments of Obesity

Take Away:

1. Stepwise approach to treating obesity, naturally


Q&A with Dr. Madhab Nayak & Anjali Rauthan



Meet The Coaches

The Doctor-Nutritionist Team For A Holistic Health Benefit

Dr. Madhab Nayak, MBBS, M.D

He Helps People Lead Happy, Healthy & Productive Lives By Empowering Them With The Knowledge And Tools Of Natural Health. 

  • 2,000+ Happy Patients Living Medicine-Free Lives!

  • A Natural Health Educator Aiming To Help 100,000 People Heal Naturally

  • Expert In Holistic Healing & Alternative Medicine

Anjali Rauthan

Masters - Nutrition & Dietetics

She Is Passionate About Helping People Heal By Following A Holistic And Plant-Based Diet 

  • Certified Plant-Based Nutritionist

  • Expert In Clinical Nutrition 

  • Helped Hundreds Of People Reverse Diabetes, Thyroid, Bp & Weight Issues Through A Plant-Based Diet & Lifestyle Coaching


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